Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Truck drivers protest at Northport over depot charges, delays

PORT KLANG: Container truck drivers who are unhappy with depot operators for allegedly exorbitant charges and causing delays, have taken their grouses to the streets.
Thousands protested at Bandar Sultan Sulaiman, outside Northport here Wednesday, from 10am, urging the Transport Ministry and Port Klang Authority (PKA) to help resolve this matter.
Several demonstrators were also seen hurling stones and empty bottles at trailers that refused to stop. The protest lasted for almost two hours. The drivers claimed they were acting on their own and were not from any group.
R. Pandian, 52, a container lorry driver for 30 years, said they resorted to a protest after depot operators raised handling fees.
"They used to charge RM5 and now it is between RM15 and RM20. We would not mind paying a standardised fee of RM20 if their services improved.
"But their services got from bad to worse and this has resulted in an average of one trip a day for all of us," he said, adding that drivers could previously make at least four trips, back and forth from the depots.
Meanwhile, PKA chairman Datuk Teh Kim Poo, when contacted, said the problem was beyond the authority's jurisdiction.
However, he said, he would see how he could handle this issue as Klang Barisan Nasional chief, by speaking to depot operators and truckers.

Source: BizStar

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