Friday, September 3, 2010

Poor state of Jalan Pelabuhan Utara, North Port, Port Klang

The deplorable road conditions and non-existent street lighting at Jalan Pelabuhan Utara, Port Klang makes the claim of Port Klang as Malaysia's premier port a hollow claim.

The authorities must be urged to take all necessary action to perform all the necessary repairs and upgrades to the road and street lighting along Jalan Pelabuhan Utara.

This road is the main artery that connects the North Port, South Port and West Port. Billions of Ringgit worth of goods are transported along Jalan Pelabuhan Utara. Is no one in the position of authority aware of this?

The traffic lights are the curving intersection just outside of the Port Klang Authority causes time wastage amounting to some 30 minutes at certain times of the day.

In the transport and logistics business, time is money.

We hope the authorities will act quickly on this matter. The problem has been suffered by port users for over a decade.

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