Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gulf of Aden

HOW important is the Gulf of Aden to the shipping industry?

About 11% of the world’s seaborne petroleum shipment passes through the Gulf of Aden to enter the Suez Canal or to go to various regional refineries. The main ports located in the area are Port of Aden in Yemen and Port of Djibouti in Eastern Africa.

The 192km Suez Canal, located in Egypt, is the main waterway for oil shipments from the Persian Gulf to European and US ports, with more than 3,000 oil tankers passing through it annually.

It is the shortest water transportation route between Europe and Asia without navigating around Africa or carrying goods overland between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

The canal makes significant distance cuts between countries. It cuts about 22% of the distance between the Japanese and Dutch ports.

The canal averages about 8% of the world shipping traffic. Sea journey along the canal takes between 11 and 16 hours at a speed of around eight knots.

Source: Star Online

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