Monday, October 6, 2008

GPS devices to combat container trailer theft

Malaysian container hauliers are having a torrid time with the theft of container trailers. Each container trailer has an average replacement cost of 30,000 Ringgit (USD9,000). This phenomenon is, of course, not unique to Malaysia.

The team at Logistics Malaysia has worked with affiliates to customise GPS technology to combat container trailer theft. GPS devices are now capable of being installed in container trailers to enable real-time tracking.

GPS-installed trailers that stray into unathorised locations in the vicinity of scrap yards or known chop shops are monitored by the Logistics Malaysia affiliated-GPS tracking centre. An ALERT will then be promptly sent to haulier clients for immediate action.

Logistics Malaysia has also enabled geo-fencing parameters to the GPS tracking centre to track errant container trailers that travel beyond authorised geographic areas. These unauthorised breaches are communicated to container haulier clients as ALERTS within minutes of any breach. These features are expected to reduce the incidence of trailer thefts which have proven to be costly to hauliers' bottom-lines.

These GPS devices have batteries that are designed to last for time-periods specified by haulier clients.

Interested parties can contact the principals at Logistics Malaysia. Contact particulars of our Principals, CT Choo and Ben Choo are at the right-side of this blog page.

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